Whether to Choose Bourbon Liquor and KY Barbecue over my Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Sherbet? Find out my Answer!

I have arrived at Kentucky today. For a second, I thought I was in New Zealand with those vast green fields, horses and cows! My heart skipped a beat for I thought I missed the right plane and went across the continent. I raised my head and saw the airport signage says “Northern Kentucky International Airport”, which confirmed that I am indeed in Kentucky, the Bluegrass state. I ride on a yellow cab to fetch me to my hotel. The driver even wears a farmer outfit and he says he can offer me a tour tomorrow morning.  I have already prepared my itinerary for the day, but I am interested in what a local taxi driver might bring to the table so I said he should pick me up tomorrow, 8AM SHARP.

Arriving at the hotel, I was welcomed by an all-smiling staff which made me feel like I am a superstar – a chocolate superstar! I thought of giving them this Kentucky Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Sherbet, but it is not for free. This type of chocolate is inspired by the KY residents’ love for smoothies. In stating more precisely, the KY girls always crave for chocolates made with rich texture, chewy within and something that melts in the mouth like marshmallows. For sure, KY girls will love me; I mean my milk chocolate peanut butter sherbet.

So after having a good night rest, I got up from my bed and started doing 50 crunches. I opened the windowpane and breathe in the eastern wind. The climate here is temperate and the environment smells like rain. The grass and the trees must have moistened because of dew last night, creating a thick, grassy scent. The Kentucky Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Sherbet also has a thick and creamy feel to the taste buds. It will definitely remind you of KY’s abundant nature, smoothness likewise to a horse’s skin, and its distinct scent.

The taxi driver arrived and we immediately went to our first destination – Bluegrass, Blues & Barbecue. It is not exactly the name of the place, but it is how locals and tourists would call Owensboro. It is the home to world-renowned Kentucky barbecue, music icons like Bill Monroe, and naturalists like John Audubon. The place is very festive in atmosphere, which makes it a perfect setting for barbecue picnics or for celebrating 4th of July. In the distance, I hear some bands playing live music and my guide said that this music fest is all-year round. I just love the energy of the people here. Owensboro is perfect for families on a vacation, especially for those who love music! We stayed here until lunch, and I found the grilled food to die for. Okay, somehow, I can accept exchanging my Kentucky Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Sherbet products for authentic KY barbecue!

Our next stop for the day is the KY Bourbon Trail. Classic French style in architecture, liquor and grandeur are the words to describe this place. Bourbon liquor sound intriguing and it is also known as America’s Native Spirit. I gave this alcoholic drink a try and it has an effect as if burning your throat and stomach. This is why I prefer chocolates than liquors! So for KY residents, why not replace your Bourbon with my Kentucky Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Sherbet for a change? It comes in a wily crafted box with 20 pieces of chocolates inside for only $18.95. You will also get the same feeling – comfort, excitement and happiness.

The sun starts to set down now. Finally, hurray for dinner time! These have been my experiences in Kentucky so far. I hope to see more of the Bluegrass state and its people who love smooth chocolates.

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