What awaits You at the End of the Texan Sunset: A Pot of Dark Chocolate Peanut Smoothie

Wherever I go, I tend to make friends with almost everybody in the tour. But in Texas, I expect to make friends with the people throughout the state, and sure they’re going to love my Dark Chocolate Peanut Smoothie treat for them. Gone are the days when leaders had to shed some blood for the compact they were making with their allies, because I’m offering chocolates as a sign of my loyal friendship with the Texans.

Texas is rich in natural wonders like the Rio Grande, The Guadalupe Mountains and the Palo Duro Canyon. The great topography of the state shapes its beautiful landscapes and scenery. It is a beautiful state with each city being a must-see tourist attraction; that’s why I really find it hard to pick which city to visit for my tour. But because my cowboy experience in Nevada was only short-lived, I crave for more cowboy and rodeo experience in Texas.

Touch down South Padre Island! Here, I will surely enjoy horseback riding along the Laguna Madre and Gulf of Mexico. Remember my scenic drive adventure in The Virginia Trail, North Carolina? South Padre is also sandwiched between the sea, allowing it to become a favorite tourist destination for beach lovers, horseback riders and outdoor adventure enthusiasts. If walking by the shore is too common for you, horseback riding might be a good option for a change.

Upon fixing my things in the hotel room, I directly went out to rent a horse for the said activity. Lots of kids aged 6 and up are also enjoying horseback riding with their dad. I picked a black stallion to ride off to the afternoon sun. I feel like an action star while also wearing a complete cowboy outfit. I kicked the horse to start walking, and suddenly I notice the horse is increasing his momentum and I am now up on my seat. Of course, I am slightly worried that it would throw me away and misbehave. So I carefully maneuver the horse to have a safe horseback riding. However, I would recommend families to hire a professional horseback riding-assistant to ensure your family’s safety.

I stopped at somewhere I don’t know to watch the sun as it sets in behind the horizon. I don’t know but it made me crave for grilled food! Maybe because of the orange sky that looks like a blazing fire and the sun rays as the flicker. If Kentucky has fried chicken and barbeque, Texas also has its own BBQ version called Tex-Mex. And it is going to be my end-destination for this day. So I decided to go back to the hotel and find a Tex-Mex restaurant and dip this Dark Chocolate Peanut Smoothie into the BBQ sauce. I know it sounds weird, but having a sweet and sour smoothie-sauce could be delicious anyway.