Victorian Milk Butter Bream in Indiana

This week I was lucky enough to go to Indiana to celebrate the holidays and my favorite Milk Butter Cream chocolate.  “Jim Candy,” I thought to myself, “there’s no better place to celebrate your two favorite things than the Shipshewana Christmas Festival!”  So off I went to enjoy the magic of the season in a place with all the sights and sounds of the holidays.

I decided to kick off my festival experience by going to the Gingerbread House contest. It was amazing! As I walked through the Davis Mercantile I was amazed at the thought and detail that very clearly went into each and every house.  I stopped to look at an entire gingerbread village, complete with tiny houses, a barn, candy livestock, and a general store.  The village almost looked good enough to eat! I’m sure it would have been delicious, but I managed to stop myself.  After walking through for a long time I finally saw the gingerbread house that would be winning my vote, it was called “Manor in the City”.  It was a grand Victorian style mansion, complete with licorice chimneys and frosting lattice. The maker of this house had even cut out silhouettes of people out of fondant to put in the windows, which were made if finely spun sugar. But with all of this my favorite part was the Milk Butter Creams that were used around the house and up the walkway as a fence. Never have I seen one of my favorite chocolates used in such a unique and fantastic way! As I voted for my favorite house one of the workers in the mercantile said, “Don’t forget, Mr. Candy, we’ll be choosing the winner tonight at 7:00 pm.” I checked my watch and it was 5:30. Only an hour and a half to go before the winning house was chosen! I decided to go to the Shipshewana Shimmer Walk while I waited.  All the local merchants sponsor a tree and the result is breathtaking! I was so transported by the beauty that before I knew it I had to head back to the mercantile to find out who the winner of the Gingerbread House Contest was.  I waited in front of the store with baited breath. A jolly Santa Clause came to the front steps and announced, “The first place winner of this years Gingerbread House contest is ‘Manor in the City’! Congratulations to the Jones’ family for their hard work and creativity!”

As my visit came to a close, I decided to wind down by just walking through the streets of the town to admire the beautiful sights and sounds.  There were Christmas carols on the breeze and I could hear children playing in the street. I sat back, enjoyed some Milk Butter Creams, and felt like the luckiest chocolate man in the world.