Tennessee: The Meeting Place for People, Music, Nature and Culinary

Meet me at the meeting place! By meeting place, I meant Tennessee as the name was derived from an Indian word “Tana-see”. I am excited to the world-famous attraction Great Smoky Mountains. Tennessee is known for being home to an abundant wilderness such as, national parks, wildlife center, cliffs and caves. I also plan on visiting some popular food, music and wine restaurants to feel the spirit of rock and roll and country music that began in this state.

TN played a crucial role in developing award-winning country and rock music legends as they began their music career in Sun Records which is located at Memphis. It was in that recording studio where Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley recorded their timeless songs. Who would not agree with claims that TN is the home to rock and country music, if I may also mention that Taylor Swift also came from Tennessee?

Tour 1

I will take a trip to TN’s nature and outdoor destinations. I must admit that my unforgettable crocodile encounter in Cajun Pride Swamp Tour has fueled up my brave heart to take another wildlife adventure. So I chose A Walk in the Woods located at Gatlinburg, East of TN. The tour began 3 hours before lunch time. If you want to fully explore Smoky Mountain, this place is good way to start. The location offers an amazing view of the waterfalls, native trees and mountain trails. It makes me want to go camping, but I do not want to do it alone, of course. Plus, the place is surrounded with ancient houses and graveyards! The graveyards are kind of interesting to explore, but I did not see anyone from the other side, so my tour remained a normal experience.

From walking, we are now hiking! My heart starts to race as the trail is a bit steep, but seeing those beautiful flowering plants, deer, bluebirds and butterflies keeps us re-energized. Good thing there were no black bears in sight, as I might scamper away knowing that they love surprising people. But I would love to see one. A Walk in the Woods is truly recommended for campers and wildlife adventure enthusiasts.

Tour 2

It is dinner time and I could not be any happier! I went to Brooks Shaw’s Old Country Store, which is more than just a store but also a restaurant, the right place to retire from a tiring afternoon and meet new people. It serves as a meeting place for both natives of the city and vacationers. The atmosphere is very lively, and the loud music made it even livelier than the hustle and bustle of the city.

The 1956 restaurant has a complete menu for meat and vegetable options. The best thing about this restaurant is that the food is homemade, tasting a cooking tradition that dates back to several decades ago. Baba’s cracklin’s cornbread sounds mouth-watering! I could not wait to fill my stomach with it.

Lastly, I shall not pass the opportunity to taste and savor authentic Tennessee whiskey, and try to dip my Dark chocolate small vanilla marshmallow into it.