Skiing with Milk Chocolate Coconut Clusters in Wyoming

Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a great holiday season and you’re ready for a good 2014, I know I am. I’m kicking off my tour of the 50 states with some Milk Chocolate Coconut Cluster and a visit to Wyoming. This may surprise you, but I decided to have an outdoor adventure in Yellowstone National Park. I love going to holiday festivals in November and December, but they wear me out pretty fast.

In Wyoming I stayed at the Snow Lodge, a hotel only accessible by over-snow transportation like snowmobiles and snowshoeing. I was going to be learning how to ski, so I decided to take the snowmobile into the lodge so I wouldn’t be worn out before I even started. I was amazed at how still and beautiful the forest was as we whizzed across the snow. We had arrived at the Lodge before I knew it. Some helpful employees helped me take my bags up to the room where I would be spending my nights. “Jim Candy,” said the bellhop, “skiing lessons start in one hour. I would recommend getting something to eat, other than Milk Chocolate Coconut Cluters, of course.”  I thanked him and looked around my room. It was so comfortable I wanted to stay here instead of going out to ski.  Instead I changed into my warm, flannel lined clothes and went downstairs for some lunch. As I munched on a warm sandwich and sipped some soup I heard a loud voice call “Skiing lessons start in 15 minutes! Meet in the lobby if you’re renting equipment.”  I was renting equipment so I stepped up and walked toward the voice.  The owner of the voice had a name-tag that read “Jessica.”

“Hi Jessica,” I said, “I need to rent some equipment for the lesson.”

“No problem, Mr. Candy,” Jessica said, “I have a special set already picked out for you.”

I was so excited! I’d never had something picked out especially for me before. I had bright blue skis and boots, a down filled jacket, and black gloves and snow pants. “I’m glad you’re wearing such a warm outfit, Jim Candy,” Jessica told me, “Some people just come in basketball shorts and t-shirts. It’s too cold for that!”  I heartily agreed with her. Before I knew it we were off onto the slopes.  I had a hard time getting started, but some Milk Chocolate Coconut Clusters helped me gather my courage and try again. After nearly an hour of hard effort I made it all the way down the Fairy Falls Drop without falling!

It was a great first day at Yellowstone.  I laid in my bed that night and thought about how lucky I was to tour these great United States sharing my favorite chocolates.