Riding Solo in a Hot Air Balloon in New Mexico

Whenever I think of New Mexico, what come to my mind are hot air balloons! I guess I am ready for an exhilarating ride to the sky. Needless to say, I’ll be staying at Albuquerque, New Mexico for my next tour. However, it is too early for the annual hot air balloon festival which is held every October. It would be best to share this experience with lots of people and see how numerous hot air balloons would line up in the sky while racing as part of the competition. On a lighter note, hot air ballooning is an all-year round activity so I can still have my solo flight.

Imagining of what would be the sky like when it is the hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque, colorful designs, smaller size when up in the air, and really adorable figures, I decided to name NM as the Milk Chocolate Small Vanilla Marshmallow state. I drove my way to Alameda Boulevard, a mile west of I-25 highway. From there you can hire a hot air balloon ride provider and start your unforgettable extreme adventure. I made sure that I will be arriving at the right time to witness the breathtaking sunset while up in the sky. While the pilots are pumping the hot air balloon, I took a few photos of the place and of myself of course. I took out a couple of my Milk Chocolate Small Vanilla Marshmallow to be energized and share a few to my pilots so they have extra energy to tour me around.

When the hot air balloon is finally up and ready for flight, I entered the basket and suddenly a large fire blazed in front of me. I made myself ready for the ride as I am starting to feel that we are flying off of the ground. I noticed that I couldn’t move my feet and my heart is racing as we go higher. The pilot must have felt how tensed I am so he smiled and said it’s going to be okay. He encouraged me to focus my attention to the view that now surrounds us. So I found another priceless perk that you can enjoy through this ride which is the opportunity to have a 360 degrees view of the Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway.

The route covers the 365-acre fiesta park within more or less than hour of hot air ballooning. We reached the maximum height allowed and you can totally feel the unique temperature that Albuquerque has and wind patterns that made this place perfect for hot air ballooning. And as we go down, the sun also starts to set behind the horizon. The sunset colored the sky in shades of purple and pink, which made my experience more epic. Though alone, my Albuquerque hot air balloon ride couldn’t be any perfect. I just ate my hopeless romantic drama with a Milk Chocolate Small Vanilla Marshmallow and now, I can’t complain.