Riding in Iowa with Vanilla Butter Cream Chocolate with Sea Salt

I sure am excited for spring to get here! But it’s February in Iowa and it’s not even close to spring here.  I think I’ll just hunker down with some Vanilla Butter Cream Chocolates with Sea Salt and go to the Union Pacific Railroad Museum in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Railroad travel is such a huge part of American history and learning more about it helps me to understand more about what makes this nation so great.

As I walked into the first level I was amazed by the Building America exhibit. The makers of the museum use cutting edge technology to immerse you into the United States of the 1800s. I even got to use the Kinect from the new Xbox One system to pound in a railroad spike and walk through Donner canyon! It is amazing to me that I’m introduced to what was cutting edge in the 1800s by using cutting edge technology today to experience it. As long as I don’t have to experience what the Donner party actually went though I think it’s great!

After I finished in Building America I decided to visit the Lincoln Collection Exhibit.  I thought this was especially interesting after my visit to President Obama’s home city. Would he be the president today if it wasn’t for all Lincoln sacrificed for equality?  I think about this as I much on a Vanilla Butter Cream Chocolate with Sea Salt and look at the artwork from Pres. Lincoln’s Union Pacific railroad cars.

Finally, I visit the America Travels by Rail exhibit. It’s the perfect end to my tour about the American railroad. I tried to imagine myself as a Hollywood movie star traveling in luxury aboard a Union Pacific railroad car. The plush seats, made of real velvet, the china dishes, and the beautiful flowers all make me think that I was made to travel in this kind of luxury. I might just have to take the train to my next destination!  It would be fun to travel east to Maryland.  Hmm, always something to think about.

As I leave the museum I wonder what our life would be like today without the railroad. Would people still be living in the West? Would I enjoy the high tech life we have today? I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to use the amazing Kinect technology at the museum today. “And it’s all because one person had a dream,” I thought to myself as I helped myself to a Vanilla Butter Cream Chocolate with Sea Salt.