Reasons why Hawaii is the Dark Chocolate Coconut Cluster State

Late summer vacation in Hawaii! As the saying goes, it is better late than never. Hawaii may be the youngest state of the US, but it is certainly one of the wealthiest states in terms of natural resources and tourist spots. HI has four islands which you can visit. Thus, you will never run out of tourist destination here as you have a lot of options. Before checking in at the hotel, the swaying coconut trees greeted me. Oh! This reminded me to name Hawaii as the Dark Chocolate Coconut Cluster.

Countless coconut trees are surrounding the islands, giving the tourists a warm tropical vibe. HI is literally warm with the presence of volcanoes and its potential volcanic activities. I wouldn’t wish to be toasted by the lava flowing at some volcanoes though, which I already am with my chocolate brown skin color. So, I decided to take a trip to the Coconut Coast tomorrow instead of trekking the mountain trails.

My hotel room offers picture-perfect view of the coastal area. So after taking a good night sleep, I woke up to the beautiful, heart-stopping Mr. Sunshine as it rises above the islands. This gave me some energy to get up and start the day happily. I walked out of the room and took my breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Before going to the coconut coast, it is recommended to rent a bike to enjoy touring around the seashore. This part of the island is an underdeveloped coastal beach so I no longer wonder why only a few people are in here right now. The point is if you don’t want to play around other people like it is in other popular islands like Maui, the Coconut Coast is the place for close and intimate gathering.

As I pedal the 4-mile Kapa stretch, I am totally in awe by the view; pure white sand, tall coconut trees, ever-smiling locals and the sky-blue ocean. I stopped under a coconut tree to buy coconut juice at the nearby store. Fresh and cool juice for my scenic biking at the coast is simply a perfect combination. I placed a handful of my Dark Chocolate Coconut Cluster in the bike’s basket.

While pedaling, I saw a couple of kids selling souvenir items like hand-crafted bracelets. They smiled at me and I couldn’t help but to stop and check out the items. As usual, I tried to offer the chocolates in exchange of a bracelet. This time, somebody has agreed to accept my offer! The kids look much happier than I do and it gave me some feels. Happy feels! I pedaled away towards the end of the stretch only to find a couple of seafood restaurants where I will likely spend my lunch time. What’s on my mind right now is food indulgence. This is a great reward to myself after hours of biking the Coconut Coast anyway.