Kentucky Modjeskas



Treat yourself to a 48 piece (2 lbs.) tin of KY Modjeskas!

When enjoying the unique taste of The KY MODJESKAS   — be very careful and keep a good supply on hand  as they are deliciously addictive. Purchase in bulk and share with your friends.

The KY MODJESKAS were born in 1893 in the The McCauley Theatre  in Louisville, Ky where Anton Busath, a Louisville candy maker met Madame Helena Modjeskas while watching “The Doll House,” fell in love with her and named a new confection after her. A sweet romance.

The “MODJESKA” is a hand made creamy  marshmallow center hand dipped into a rich and creamy home made caramel. Comes packed in an attractive Made in America AmeriCandy tin.


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