North Carolina is no Longer the Tar Heel State but the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream with Pink Strings State

Finally, my search for the national seashore is over with my arrival at North Carolina today! This time, I seek more than just wilderness adventure, but a scenic drive and feed my eyes with breath taking views in the Outer Banks. I will not wish to jam my feet in tar, though. Why? North Carolina is also known as the Tar Heel state. Aside from tar paving the way to the growth of pine forests in the state, and pine trees are the primary export product, the term “tar heel” entails a historic past.

The back story happened during the Revolutionary War against the British Empire whose soldiers are tagged as “redcoats” because they wore such a military uniform. The redcoats attempted to cross a stream that separates Rocky Mount and Battleboro. The patriots had thrown hundreds of barrels of tar into the river to slow down the march of redcoats. Because of the sticky chemical properties of tar when combined into water, the redcoats were trapped on their heels while crossing the river. Thus, the patriots were able to stop and delay the supposed attack by the soldiers. I will not call North Carolina Tar Heel, of course. From now on, I will try to change its image and be known as the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream with Pink Strings state.

My Scenic Drive Adventure

As I mentioned a while ago, I plan on taking the outback course for a sweet, unforgettable ride. So I rented a 4×4 SUV car to make the most out of The Virginia Dare Trail in North Carolina Highway 12. The seashore looks amazing, makes me want to stop for some skinny dipping, I mean swimming. Positioned in between the ocean, the 2-lane road is also beautified with dunes on the right side and grass field on opposite side. It is the perfect location for wild horses running free just like in the pictures related to the so-called 7 lucky horses. On top view, I imagine the road being sandwiched with great topography of both land and water. This is why my Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream with Pink Strings really fits North Carolina. The pink strings represent the state’s seashore, raspberry cream for tar and dark chocolate for its strong and patriotic people.

I have also seen the memorial of the Wright Brothers. The memorial was made in commemoration of their primary attempt to powered flight. I stopped for a few minutes to check it out, and it was strongly built and beautiful. If I could, I would have joined the Wright Brothers, fly with them and make history by crossing the Atlantic without getting lost!

Oh, there’s the country’s tallest lighthouse, Cape Hatteras, which is still alive and kicking. You can also find here the oldest lighthouse in NC, which is the Ocracoke Lighthouse. Really, the views I have seen so far remind so much of the Outback Last Resort course of the Need for Speed series! This fuels my desire to drag race, but I cannot afford to do right now since I am only using a rental car. Overall, the hours of driving through the trail’s stretch can be tiring, but the breathtaking views make it all worth it.