My Tasty, Sweet and Sumptuous Food Adventure in Oregon

If California is known for raisins and entertainment, its neighboring state Oregon is popular for wine and food trips. Oh, how I love to have food binges throughout Oregon and retire in my bedroom with a glass of wine in my hand. This is why the state has several culinary events in a year where you can unleash your cravings and work out your stomach with almost non-stop digestion. If you want an ultimate cheat day experience from your diet program, visiting Oregon would certainly help you with your cause. As I heard from my friends, OR’s rich soil is perfect for growing fruits and vegetables like grapes, hazelnuts, raspberries and Marion berries. So, I am naming Oregon as the Milk Chocolate Raspberry Cream state.

My role play for today is a bounty hunter of different cuisines. I scheduled a trip to Farm to Fork, where local chefs, farmers, wine makers and vintners showcase their respective products and harvests. I am excited to the idea of meeting new people in a dinner series besides being able to indulge in culinary goodness that you can only find in Oregon. I joined a group of tourists who are also visiting the Fields Farm in Bend, OR. Upon entering the farm field, I was welcomed by a large dinner table and buffet arrangement where all guests will spend hours dining and get to know the community. I can say that Farm to Fork is one of the best ways to see what Oregon is about: farm fields, vibrant community and a sumptuous feast.

Of course, the trip started with appetizers to excite our taste buds for the better things to come soon. While holding a glass of wine in hand, one of the farmers is touring us around a 10-acre vegetable farm. The farmer definitely knows relevant things about gardening that he is able to provide us some useful tips, which soon I must try when I go back home. As such, I could perhaps try to invent new chocolate recipes for vegetarians.

After the farm tour, all guests are now ready for a sumptuous feast that I know my stomach will not soon forget. Served with platters of food along with beers and wines, I cannot help but get too excited to savor everything in front of me. One guest beside me might even find me weird as my excitement is obvious, or I was just hungry. One dessert that caught my attention is the caramel cake with strawberry toppings which reminded me of my Milk Chocolate Raspberry Cream. I guess my excitement made me forget about my own chocolate so I decided to take out a few and share it to the other guests. Needless to say, they all loved it and ordered for some more.