Montana: The “Last Best Place” for Milk Chocolate Peanut Smoothie Indulgence

Lately, my travel and tour destinations have been full of sea and great canyon sceneries. This time, Montana is giving me different picture-perfect landscapes of mountains, grass plains and glaciers. I am particularly excited to see the Yellowstone, which the state is best known for besides the untamed wildlife animals and profuse forests. No wonder Montana has several alternative names such as the Land of Shining Mountains, The Last Best Place and the Big Sky Country. So to further confuse you, I would like to suggest Milk Chocolate Peanut Smoothie as another nickname of Montana. Yes, this is the chocolate candy version of the popular peanut butter sandwich restaurant in MT.

As I said earlier, I intend to visit the Yellowstone National Park which is also the world’s first ever national park. One thing I like about the Yellowstone is the fact that it is car-friendly so I parked my car with ease and started my tour without worrying about the possibility of Grizzly bears having a surprise visit there. I hardly feel the temperate climate in the park because it is also surrounded by hot springs and geysers, giving a natural balance between hot and cold temperatures.

The Yellowstone is a safe haven for people who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the big city life. It is this reason why Montana is also known as the Last Best Place in this country, especially if you prefer spending a bonding moment with wildlife animals like bison, wolves and grizzly bears. Isn’t visiting MT a great way to have a unique and daring experience of the natural world? You can see geysers almost everywhere, surrounding rivers, canyons, lodges and mountains. The scenery is simply breathtaking that I would melt with Mother Nature. If I were Henry David Thoreau, I would have spent my lone days in here than in any other places on earth. But that doesn’t matter now, so I’ll just do my own version of what Thoreau did in Yellowstone someday.

After a couple of hours of walking around the national park, I decided to go to a scenic drive: from Gardiner to Mammoth Hot Springs. Arriving at Lamar Valley, I got to witness the marvelous rock formation of the Grand Canyon, its waterfalls and some usually shy bison. I stopped by the road side to take a breath and open some of my Milk Chocolate Peanut Smoothie bars. Oh, how I imagine the hot springs as a large pot of freshly melted milk chocolates and indulge myself into it!