Milk Carmel Chocolate and dazzling lights in Pennsylvania

This week I’m heading over the Pennsylvania to share in some holiday cheer and Milk Carmel Chocolate. As I was planning my trip I struggled on deciding where I should go, there are so many great places in Pennsylvania.  I thought long and hard and finally it came to me!  I should visit Hershey, PA for a little Hersheypark magic. Hersheypark Christmas Candylane (coupon codes for Hershey Park) is full of Christmas magic and I could hardly wait to see the Christmas show, do some caroling, and share my favorite Milk Carmel Chocolate with everyone I met.

Since Christmas Candylane boasts two million twinkling lights I decided I would plan my visit for right around twilight. I definitely wasn’t sorry! I was dazzled by the lights as I walked the streets of Christmas Candylane. There were light sculptures, fairy lights, and more.  As I walked through the streets I decided to get some famous hot chocolate from a nearby food stand. I sipped on it, listening to the carolers and enjoying the lights.

Finally, I finished my hot chocolate and sat down on a bench too much on the Milk Carmel Chocolate I had with me. A beautiful lady came up to me and said, “Jim Candy, could you please come carol with us?”  Oh boy, would I!?  I jumped up and off we went, walking through the streets of Christmas Candylane. In my deep, baritone, voice I sang carols like “Good King Wenceslas” “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “Jingle Bells.”  And speaking of jingle bells, we passed Santa’s workshop (I thought of my visit to Missouri and decided Santa must have a lot of workshops around the country) and I saw his reindeer inside! We went inside and sang one last carol (“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, for the record) and I had a nice sit down with Santa.  “Santa,” I said, “I have a new wish for Christmas.”

“What is it, Jim Candy?”  Santa asked me with interest.

“Well, now I wish that everyone could have milk carmel chocolate in their stocking!”  I said, feeling a little sheepish.

“Oh, don’t worry, Jim Candy,” Santa replied in comforting tones, “All the boys and girls will get Dark Lemon Cream and Milk Carmel Chocolate.”

“Really!?  Gosh, thanks Santa. You’re the best,” I said, feeling excited.

I walked out of Santa’s workshop, stopping to give Rudolf a little pat on the nose. The night was filled with stars, Santa was giving me both of my Christmas wishes, and I was looking forward to a happy New Year.