Jim Candy Starts the Christmas Season in Missouri

When I think of Missouri in December I think of perfect winter weather, holiday festivals, and dark lemon cream. This year during my tour of the United States I decided to visit the Branson Area Festival of Lights. All the displays get me really excited for the holidays and all the delicious chocolate I’ve learned about this year!

I decided to visit Silver Dollar City’s Old Time Christmas park and it was great! As I walked through the streets there was music playing and all the rides were lit up with special holiday magic.  I sipped on a steaming cup of wassail outside Outlaw Run and listened to the thrilled screams coming from inside. As I drained the last of my cup I plucked up my bravery and got on the ride. “Be careful, Jim Candy,” said a friendly ride attendant, “you never know what’s going to happen on the world’s most daring wooden roller coaster.”  I was feeling pretty nervous as my car moved slowly up the first hill and I looked out across the ride. What had I gotten myself into!?  Three loop-de-loops, and the first drop looked over 150 feet high! Maybe this was too dangerous for a chocolate man like me. But it was too late, I was already committed. I was going to reward myself with some dark lemon cream after this, that much was certain.  As me and my ride companions screamed through the ride I caught myself thinking, “This is really fun!” a few times.  Finally, the ride ended and my voice was gone from all my shouting. I ran to the nearest concession stand and said, “Your finest dark lemon cream, please!” I walked through the streets, secure in the knowledge that I had braved the world’s most daring wooden roller coaster and I had earned my just desserts.

I decided to end my trip with a nice visit to Kringles Krossing to see what Santa’s elves were up to. I hoped I would get lucky and be able to have a conversation with Santa.  I finished my final dark lemon cream piece as I walked into a warm building where the elves were hard at work, making great toys for the boys and girls of the world. I looked around and Santa was just sitting down in his big red chair.  Even better, there was no line of people!  I ran up to him and he said to me, “Well, well, well Jim Candy, what do you wish for this year?”  I thought long and hard about what I wished for and finally I said, “Santa, I would love for every one of the boys and girls to have a delicious dark lemon cream in their stocking on Christmas morning.”