History and Dark Chocolate Chocolate Butter Cream in Delaware

As the first state in the Union, Delaware has had a proud 376 year history. With this in mind I decided to visit the Delaware History Museum armed with my Dark Chocolate Chocolate Butter Creams. I also thought that this museum would be a great one to visit to close out Black History Month because it does such a great job honoring the hard work we’ve all done to create a more equal country.

I walked into the renovated Woolworth’s store and went straight to the Forging Faith, Building Freedom: African American Faith Experiences in Delaware, 1800-1980. I really liked this exhibit because it showed me how important faith communities were in the African American community, not only for meeting spiritual needs but also for meeting educational and community building needs.  In this case, the website describes the exhibit even better than I could. They say “through objects, documents, and images, the exhibition explores the diverse faith experiences and institutions that developed from these beginnings. “

When I had my fill of learning about this part of Delawarean history I made my way to another exhibit, Little Italy, Big Festival. Nearly 130 years ago a lot of Italians settled in Delaware and it’s so exciting to celebrate the amazing contributions they’ve made to the melting pot that is America. The festival is housed in Willington Square and is so exciting that it’s bringing people from all over the world! I loved walking around, meeting new people, and seeing their faces light up when I offered them a Dark Chocolate Chocolate Butter Cream.

After such an exciting exhibit I was feeling pretty darn worn out. I love learning about new places, but sometimes you just need a break. I slowly walked through the streets of Wilmington, enjoying all the beautiful architecture and the restful pace that so many of the citizens seemed to be taking as they made their way to their mysterious destinations.