Hiking and Enjoying Nature in Idaho with My Friend Paul


Hells Canyon Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Remember my fun friend Paul? He invited me out to Idaho for another sales trip. When I arrived at his house, we took a few hours to sit on his front porch and catch up. A lot has been happening in Paul’s life. He decided to buy a new truck and had been exploring the state more. He asked for some Dark Chocolate Maple Creams and then told me to get some rest for the next morning.

At the crack of dawn I could smell bacon from the other room. Paul was making us a big breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup, bacon, and eggs. After a few helpings, we took his new truck to hike Hells Canyon. This ten mile wide canyon is located in western Idaho and also borders Oregon. Known as the deepest river gorge in North America, Hells Canyon is the perfect spot for adventurers who love to whitewater raft and hike. We met with a park ranger who led us in a half day hike. Halfway through, when we were close to Snake River, we took a break for lunch. Everyone in the group brought something to share. Paul had some homemade beef jerky and the ranger shared some chips. I was really happy to hand out Dark Chocolate Maple Creams. It seemed everyone liked them because they asked where I got them and if they could buy some when we arrived back at Paul’s truck.
After a long day hiking, we drove back to Pauls and prepared for another busy day in Idaho. Paul had told me about the World Center for Birds of Prey. This beautiful space, operated by the Peregrine Fund, has so much to do! Paul showed me around and explained how different birds were endangered and that this center took care of them. We got to learn about falconry and how people once used birds for hunting. After seeing some beautiful birds we also hiked on the site’s trails. As we were getting ready to leave, I met with one of the directors about Americandy chocolates. She was really excited to offer delicious snacks in their gift shop and ordered lots of Dark Chocolate Maple Creams to sell. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends at Americandy how much our brand has been expanding! Paul and I took one last look at a few birds and hopped in his truck.