Good deeds and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jelly in Maine

After my trip to New Hampshire I couldn’t get enough of the beach so I decided to visit an Easter egg hunt on Old Orchard Beach in Maine.  It was my first Easter egg hunt of the season and I was so excited to share Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jellies with my new friends.

I arrived at the beach around 9:00 am to meet up with my friend Christina. She was helping to run the hunt and I knew she would be the lady to talk to if I wanted some of my own tasty candies in the eggs. Christina greeted me enthusiastically, “Jim, we are so excited to share your jellies with everyone! I thought we could even put some in the prize egg.”

“Thanks Christina,” I said excitedly, “that would be great!”

I helped Christina and a lot of great volunteers hide the colorful plastic eggs all over the beach. I felt a little uneasy about putting plastic on the beach after having cleaned a beach just a few days earlier. But Christina is very good at organizing Easter egg hunts and there was a map telling up where every single egg was hidden so we made sure not to leave any behind. We also didn’t use any of that weird plastic grass stuff because it would blow away too easily.

It was so exciting to see all the kids with their baskets, running around the beach, excitedly finding their eggs behind rocks, sand dunes, and bushes. As I looked around I noticed one child was having some trouble walking on the sand. I tried to see what the problem could be and then I realized. He was walking on the sand with a cane, enthusiastically getting eggs with the rest of the children. But many of them were getting to the eggs before he could.

Finally, I was going to walk over to him to ask if I could help him when I noticed a little girl walk shyly toward him. They were talking together and finally the girl gave him all of her eggs and then ran away! I could see her collecting a few more eggs, but I knew that she wouldn’t win the prize egg.

The egg came to a close and the volunteers counted the eggs in each basket. I could see some of the children already enjoying the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jellies, their mouths stained red. Christina spoke into a microphone, thanking everyone for participating. Finally she said, “Each year when we award a prize it goes to the person with the most eggs.  But after talking it over with the other volunteers and parents I would like to announce that Ashley has won this year’s prize for her generous spirit in helping others!”

Everyone started clapping and Ashley, the little girl I had seen earlier, gratefully took the prize egg and went home.