Gazing at Chimney Rock in Nebraska While Eating Dark Chocolate Chocolate Truffles


TD Ameritrade Park Photo Credit:

Nebraskans are known for farming and the state has plenty of fertile land. Even though the state is mostly flat, there are a few larger sites like Chimney Rock. On my trip to sell Dark Chocolate Chocolate Truffles, I called up my friend Sally and had her meet me at the historic site.

300 feet above the North Platte Valley, Chimney Rock is a really stunning rock formation. Stopping at the Visitor’s Center, Sally and I purchased tickets and met with our tour group. We learned a lot of interesting things about the site and enjoyed watching a movie that helped us feel the awe and curiosity the pioneers experienced when they saw the large natural marker. It made me appreciate my chocolate even more. I don’t think those who were traveling out west didn’t have Dark Chocolate Chocolate Truffles. Our tour guide explained to us that those traveling West had rice, beans, dried fruit and lots of baking supplies. Although they didn’t have chocolate, the pioneers brought lots of coffee along. I thought that was so interesting!
Next, Sally and I decided to watch a baseball game at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha. The College World Series was taking place. After a few hotdogs and watching our favorite college team win, we were invited down to on the field to talk about our chocolate. It was exhilarating seeing so many people and being able to talk about my passion for chocolate. I shared stories about base jumping, meeting new friends, rock climbing, and visiting museums. I told the crowd all about our chocolates and why they were so special. Afterwards, I invited everyone in the crowd to buy some Dark Chocolate Chocolate Truffles. Sally and I were so busy handing them out that we had to have extra helpers! Once we left the stadium, we grabbed an ice cream cone and relaxed. We had done a great job representing my company in Nebraska!