Florida is Super Sweet with Milk Orange Jelly Candy

By now, you know that I love to travel, that is why I had to swing by Florida!  It’s an amazing state and I had a great time. Not only was the scenery amazing, but they have the most incredible orange chocolate candy. I was curious about how the citrus would mix with chocolate, but the combination is light, fresh, and a little zingy. It’s a milk orange jelly mixture that’s to die for! After trying a sample, I knew I would never leave the state without enjoying some more. So before I headed out for any Florida adventures, I grabbed a couple boxes of candies. Seriously, it’s the perfect ratio of chocolate and orange jelly. Just thinking about the flavor makes me shiver.

Apart from the candy, when I arrived in Florida there was one thing I really, really wanted to do. I wanted to learn how oranges grow.  When I visited the Florida Orange Grove Winery I learned a little more than I bargained for. I toured the grove, which smells amazing by the way, and also learned all about how oranges are used to make amazing, citrus flavored wine. It takes an astonishing nine pounds of fruit just to make a single bottle of wine. I wonder how much fruit it takes to make a milk orange jelly candy.

For the next leg of my journey I went to Cape Canaveral and reserved a spot on a deep-sea fishing cruise. I didn’t catch anything, but I did get to see a whale breaching and I shared my supply of milk orange jelly candy with the crew and other guests. We took a vote and decided that the candy more than made up for the fact we didn’t catch anything.

Next I drove to Cape Coral and checked out the Iwo Jima monument that’s located there. I can’t get over how closely it resembles the one in Washington D.C. I paid my respects and left a milk orange jelly candy. I’d like to think the spirits of the souls lost during the battle appreciate the offering.

Time was tight, but I did manage to get to Miami and checked out the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. What a stunningly beautiful place. As soon as I entered I felt like I was in old Italy. The weather was so nice I couldn’t talk myself into spending much time in the house, but the little bit I saw was lovely. I spent hours wandering the garden. I’m told it’s one of the largest gardens in the United States and I believe it.

I had to leave Florida but I know it’s only a temporary thing. This is one state that I will definitely revisit time and time again!