Exploring Mackinac Island in Michigan While Selling Dark Chocolate Chocolate Fudge Meltaways


Mackinac Island Carriage Ride Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Michigan is known for its close proximity to the Great Lakes. The word Michigan can be translated to mean “meicigama” in Algonquin Chippewa Indian to mean “big sea wate.” After visiting the world-famous Henry Ford Museum, I wasn’t sure what was left to see in Michigan so I called up my friend Rex. An old buddy from high school, Rex works in Detroit and travels frequently for his job. He’s seen all the different regions of the state and is a fun travel buddy. We met downtown Detroit and he planned the rest of our trip for me.

Located in Lake Huron, Mackinac Island is a relaxing escape for tourists and locals alike. Rex and I crossed the Mackinac Bridge on our way to the island. It was an inspiring suspension bridge. At 552 feet tall, I almost got butterflies in my stomach as we drove on top of it. After we made it to the island, we got out of the car and took a picture. The bridge looked stunning with the full clouds above it and the blue water below it. I posted the picture on my Facebook for all of my Americandy friends to see. If this was any indication of how beautiful the island was, we were in for a treat!

Before I had a chance to ask Rex what we were doing, I was in the passenger seat of a buggy! At Jack’s Livery Stable you can rent your own horse-drawn buggy and explore the island. It was really neat learning how to maneuver the cart and Rex let me steer once we got to a clear strip of road. The horse that led our carriage was named Cody. Once we rode around for an hour, taking in the sights, I asked if I could share my chocolate with Cody. The owner gave me permission so Cody got to enjoy a few of the Dark Chocolate Chocolate Fudge Meltaways. I think he liked them because he kept nudging me for more!
Another popular thing to do on Mackinac Island is eat. There are many restaurants and they all smell delicious. Rex knew all the best places and got us reservations at a place called Island Slice Pizzeria. Before dinner, we had set up a table on the island and had sold some Americandy chocolates to people passing on golf carts. We sold a lot and were given high fives as families passed. Rex and I had worked up an appetite. We each ate several pieces of the traditional styled pizza. Once we finished off a basket of bread, we each had a Dark Chocolate Chocolate Fudge Meltaway. “This part of Michigan is amazing,” I told Rex while stuffing a chocolate in my mouth. “Just wait,” he explained, “next time you’ll see even more!”