Embracing the Old West with My Milk Chocolate Honeycombs in Oklahoma

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Frontier City Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

I was really excited to be visiting Oklahoma again this summer. After my friend Aaron and I grabbed breakfast last time, he dared me to visit Oklahoma City’s White Water Bay and ride their massive water slides. I had such a great time that I planned on exploring the state more on my trip to bring some Milk Chocolate Honeycombs. Before getting on my plane, I called and invited Aaron, his wife, and their three sons to join me. We were going to be seeing some interesting places that I had found when researching Oklahoma: Frontier City and the Oklahoma City Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

Aaron’s three boys were all under ten and had an exuberant amount of energy. Shane, Sean, and Sam met me with their parents at the entrance to Frontier City. This fun theme park is located in Oklahoma City and is owned by the same people as White Water Bay. Along with crazy fun rides, the park also offers concerts and other events. The three boys all argued over who would ride roller coasters with “Uncle Jim.” I told them we’d all take turns riding with each other and that they’d each have a turn to ride with me! Without thinking too much about it, all of us hopped on the The Brain Drain. This ride is one of the park’s newest rides and it’s quite scary. Aaron and his wife Meleah sat in the very front and the rest of us followed. For two minutes the coaster hurled us upside down and dropped seven stories. I realized after the first few seconds why it was called The Brain Drain; because it feels as if all the blood is rushing to your brain! Shane, Sean, and Sam had such a good time that we rode it twice. Western-themed, the park has plenty to do. After riding rides we ate some Milk Chocolate Honeycombs while listening to live country music. It was such a tiring day, but I promised the boys that the trip wasn’t over yet. We had one more stop!

When I was a little boy, I remember watching reruns of old westerns and acting like I was a cowboy. As I researched the fun state of Oklahoma, I learned that the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum was located in the state. Without hesitation, I purchased tickets for myself and Aaron’s family. The next morning we were up and ready to go and learn about the wild West! Not to avoid doing work, I made sure to bring some Milk Chocolate Honeycombs to sell while browsing the museum.

As we entered, Sam, Shane, and Sean ran to the latest exhibit, Conflict Cast In Bronze. This compelling exhibit honors those who have died serving in war. The life-sized statues really impacted all of us and it was nice to have a video that depicted the stories of those who served in Vietnam. Afterwards, we browsed art related to cowboys and indians. I saw a few people browsing and noticed they seemed hungry. With a simple flick of my wrist I offered them my chocolate. They purchased two big bags full of the Milk Chocolate Honeycombs. When leaving the interesting and educational museum, each boy got a cowboy hat at the gift shop. Sean looked up at me and said,
“I sure love hanging out with you Uncle Jim. You make things fun and give us chocolate!”