Double the Treat, Double the Fun: Nevada as the Dark Chocolate Marzipan State

Touch down Nevada! I’m afraid people would “fence me in” here because they can’t get enough of my Dark Chocolate Marzipan. Tell me, you thought I had the city of sin in mind when i said Nevada, aren’t you? Las Vegas is too “mainstream” though, and Nevada is more than that. The state is rich in outdoor adventures, national parks, grand canyons, cultural heritage and other tourist attractions. I particularly plan on visiting the cowboy country in Northern Nevada. So, I decided to wear a cowboy outfit – hat, boots, flannel shirt, jeans and a holster- to evoke a Wild, Wild West vibe while on tour.

My first stop is Elko city, where the Western Folklife Center is nestled. The center is best known for holding the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering; thus, it is where the Basque culture is being showcased, too. According to our guide, Basque culture, particularly the cuisine embodies the natives’ insurmountable love for fries, red wine, steak, salad and beans. I’d like to try that and see if it surpasses KY’s grilled chicken.

The first leg of the tour is at Northeastern Nevada Museum. I got to see the natural history of the city like images of log-style ranch structures, the Ruby Mountains and other native plants and animals. After visiting the museum, it is time now to fill my stomach with the most sumptuous Basque cuisine in Winnemucca’s well-known restaurant. The family-style diner gives off an old west hospitality atmosphere, where indulging to large prawns and steak is not a sin. I matched my heavy meal with one bottle of rich red wine to savor the taste and flavor. I tried to dip my dark chocolate Marzipan into my wine, and the rich flavor of wine and chocolate just burst into my taste buds. It’s a deadly combination but in a good way, folks!

I wish this day to not end, but it has to. With this beautiful city, hospitable people and irresistible cuisine, I’d be totally fine with Nevada fencing me in like forever. I’ll trade my Dark Chocolate Marzipan for my permanent residence in North Nevada, really.  This is why I requested going to the Lovers Lock Plaza to be second leg of my tour, to take an oath and marry myself to the state just like what Queen Elizabeth I did to England. The said plaza features the famous chains of heart surrounding the area. The chain seems unending with over 1,000 locks to beautify the plaza, making it one of the most unique parks in the country.