Colorado: The Aspen Capital of the US is now the Dark Chocolate Peppermint State

When I think of rocky road and marshmallows, Colorado comes into my mind. Well, because the said state is surrounded by rocky mountains like the Colorado Plateau, Great Plains and Southern Rocky Mountains. After witnessing the grandeur of grand canyons in Nevada and Texas, I now have the opportunity to experience Colorado’s mighty mountains, great Front Range and vast plains. Last I heard September is the best month for visiting the state’s largest aspen forest that you can see atop Kebler Pass north of Crested Butte. This is why I named Colorado as the Dark Chocolate Peppermint because of the very refreshing aspen-filled environment everywhere.

Just by driving along the Ohio Pass Road in Gunnison, your eyes are already filled with breathtaking views that you will be proud of posting a picture of it on your Instagram. Atop of the Ohio Pass Road is the well-known Castle Mountains. Behind the thick aspen and white chains of mountains is a gigantic formation of rock that is towering the smaller wonders of nature. The shape resembles a castle that is soundly nestled on top of cliffs and mountains during the ancient times. Another highlight of the scenic drive is the view of the Taylor Park Reservoir, with mountains around it capped with snow. You can actually go on camping beside the lake reservoir, and enjoy breathing in the fresh and cold air.

Gunnison, CO is such a beautiful place to tour around. It is a good way to start your Colorado outdoor adventures without shelling out thousands of dollars. In fact, after a few hours along the pass road, I dropped by at the Gunnison River to try fly fishing. Good thing I’m on my outfitter outfit to suit the activity and be the usual wildlife adventurer that I am. I took a 4-wheel drive trip to reach the Chukar trail, hiked down into the canyons and the Chukar Beach. However, because this can be a dangerous trip, especially if you don’t have the right equipment, so hiring a fly fishing professional to go with you is recommended.

Fly fishing is an extreme adventure where you would hunt geese, chukar, dunks and other winged animals. I prefer this kind of wildlife hunting over crocodile hunting because this preserves my masculinity that I don’t have to shriek and scamper away whenever I see a big crocodile. With fly fishing in Colorado, you just have to chill while eating a box of sugar free dark chocolate peppermint and wait for your target.