Chocolate Caramel Vanilla & Walking Tours: The Best Kept Secrets in Massachusetts

Chocolate Caramel Vanilla is one of my best kept secrets and so I thought that visiting one of Massachusetts best kept secrets would be perfect for my visit there.  I decided to visit Boston and participate in the North End Secret Tour to learn more about the history of the neighborhood and to reveal my own secret.

I decided to do the early tour at 10:00 so that I would have plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the city and try to stay warm. Boston in February is certainly no walk in the park, if you know what I mean. At my hotel I bundled up against the cold and took a box of Chocolate Caramel Vanillas.  I took the Green Line to Haymarket stop and walked past the Boston Public Market on my way to the meeting place.  There were already a couple people there when I arrived and we all became fast friends. The tour guide, Michelle, made everyone feel comfortable and I started to share my delicious chocolates with everyone. Although it was cold everyone was in good spirits and we started walking around the North End learning about the immigrants that made Boston such a great place to be.

I was extremely interested to learn about the Great Molasses Flood of 1919, because molasses used to be the primary sweetener used in the United States. It was a dramatic tragedy that has entered into local folklore. A 2.3 million gallon storage tank burst at the Purity Distilling Company and molasses rushed through the streets, gaining speeds as fast at 35 miles per hour in some places. It made me think of the chocolate factory disaster in James and the Giant Peach, although nobody in that book died as a result.

We ended our two hour walking tour at the Union Wharf, which was built in 1795. The sea was beautiful and the gulls were flying high in the breeze. I was tempted to reward their beauty with chocolate but I knew that would be silly, the caramel would probably cause their beaks to stick together!

As the group parted I thanked Michelle for such a great tour and gave her a box of Chocolate Caramel Vanillas to thank her.  I gratefully made my way back to the subway, excited to enjoy the rest of my stay in Boston.