Celebrating Black History Month in Maryland with White Confectionery Liquid Fudge Smoothie

Oh February, what a month!  It’s the perfect month to visit my favorite state, Maryland, and enjoy a White Confectionery Liquid Fudge Smoothie.  On this visit I decided to go to the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture in Baltimore as part of Black History Month. The mission of the museum is to preserve the history of African Americans living Maryland since it was colonized by Europeans in 1634.

I think it’s interesting to learn about the parts of our national history that are sometimes less pleasant, it helps me to understand more about this great nation and to appreciate what we have today.

First I went to the permanent exhibits at the museum. The first one is called “Things Hold, Lines Connect.” I especially liked this exhibit because of its focus on The Underground Railroad in Maryland. Survival against all odds is part of the story of every family that immigrates to the United States and that is especially true of the many African families who were forced to immigrate here against their will. I thought the stories of survival and resilience shown in the gallery were so amazing and poignant.

The second exhibit is called “Building Maryland, Building America.” Again, while I was in this exhibit I saw stories of resilience. It was amazing, but I was also sad that these stories were necessary for so many people. Even though we have a long way to go I’m proud of the improvements American society has made over the last 100 years.

The final permanent exhibit is called The Strength of the Mind. The museum website describes the conditions under which the art in this exhibit was created, and I can’t think of better description myself. They say that following slavery in Maryland African Americans used art and education as a way of enduring and even overcoming an oppressive society. From this struggle emerged unique and universal works of music, literature, dance and visual art. Like artists everywhere, African Americans engaged their craft to express a personal sense of beauty and to forge a spiritual connection with their creator.

Just like the White Confectionery Liquid Fudge Smoothie has mixed white and dark chocolate to a delicious result, I am hopeful that we can to the same in the United States.  We still have a long way to go but I know that with love and understanding we can be just as amazing as the delectable chocolate from Maryland.