Carousels & Dark Chocolate Chocolate Mousse in Bristol, CT

Ahh Connecticut, what a beautiful state! I am so excited to visit the New England Carousel Museum with my Dark Chocolate Chocolate Mousse. It seems like a delectable combination. The museum was founded in 1990 as a non-profit educational organization and it’s really taken off in the last 25 years! With some great educational programs, antique carousel pieces, and a carousel ride I knew it would be great.

I started off my visit with The Golden Age of the Carousel where I saw some amazing things! One of my favorite antique pieces was an expertly restored lion! His name is Leo and one of the tour guides, James, told me he was named after the constellation discovered by the Greeks and Romans. Who knew I’d learn a little bit about different countries during my tour around the United States?

After browsing through The Golden Age of the Carousel I made my way to the Bushnell Park Carousel, home of one of the world’s oldest carousels!  It’s been bringing joy to people for nearly 100 years. There was a little more joy to be had while I was on the carousel because I handed out some delicious Dark Chocolate Chocolate Mousses’.  I sat on my horse, munching on some chocolate of my own, when a little girl walked up to me.

“Mr. Candy,” she said, “could I have a piece of chocolate?”

“If it’s okay with your parents,” I said. I looked up and her father gave a short nod and smile.

I handed her a chocolate and said “What is your name?”

“Clarisse,” she said shyly as she ate her chocolate.

“What a beautiful name, please call me Jim.”

“Okay Jim, thank you for the candy.”

“You’re welcome,” I said, going back to enjoying my ride while Clarisse and her dad walked back to the carousel bench they had been sitting in together.

The ride slowly came to a stop and I got off my horse. I walked back through the city of Bristol, munching on my chocolate and thinking about how delicious my Dark Chocolate Chocolate Mousse was.