Blue Men, Milk Chocolate Raspberry Truffles, and Illinois. . . oh my!

Ahh, Chicago; The Windy City and capitol of the Milk Chocolate Raspberry Truffle state.  I’m talking about Illinois of course! I decided to visit this historic city on my tour around the United States. There is so much to see; I could spend the whole day just walking around Lake Michigan, touring President Obama’s neighborhood, or going to the Briar Street Theater. As I think about it I decide to visit the Briar Street Theater because one of my favorite groups, The Blue Man Group, preforms there almost every night!

Before the show I walked around the neighborhood, it is so full of character! I finally stop at Intelligentsta Coffee, a café I know and love.  I think they’re really great because they offer great prices and fairly brewed drinks. I stepped in for my favorite latte, and sip it as excitement for the show begins to build. Before long I can’t take it anymore! I walk quickly over to the theater and wait in line to show my ticket. I’m in the second row so I know this performance is going to be a great experience!  Almost as great as the Milk Chocolate Raspberry Truffles I have waiting for me backstage after the show. I hear the rhythmic thumping of the drums, an awesome guitar riff every now and then, and the buzz of people excited about the show.

Finally I’m in the theater!  It’s pretty dark and there’s neon paint splatters on the wall. Handiwork from another performance?  I guess I’ll find out soon.  I sit down in my seat and pull the plastic poncho over my head; getting chocolate clean is hard work.  I sit expectantly, waiting for the show to start and looking at my fellow attendees. Finally, the lights go dark and I can’t see anything.  Then, suddenly . . . flashes of green paint light up the stage as I see white eyes stark against blue skin. The show has started! It’s an hour and a half of excitement as the Blue Men play with paint, make music with pipes, and shoot mushed banana out at the audience (I sure am glad I’m wearing that poncho!).

After the show is over I head back stage to have some Milk Chocolate Raspberry Truffles with the Blue Men. I am excited to talk to them about how great the show was! But as we’re all sitting around, enjoying our chocolate, I get the sense that my new friends aren’t very talkative. I guess sometimes Milk Chocolate Raspberry Truffles and blue skin are all the words you need.