Alaskan Mountains Capped with Snow Reminds of Milk Chocolate Strawberry Cream

Imagine a mountain of snow balls with strawberry syrup on top? That is what I picture of Alaska whenever it would come across my mind. It is this reason why I would call AK as the Milk Chocolate Strawberry Cream state; milk-white glaciers with people as sweet as strawberries. Located at the northwest part of the North American continent, Alaska serves as a border between the Arctic Ocean and Canada. So the state is a good destination for jumpstarting your Arctic expeditions. If there is one outdoor activity that you should not miss while in Alaska, that would be glacier viewing in South central.

I travelled to south central Alaska where the ice is in premium condition unlike those in Greenland that are already melting. Expect that the cold weather is quite harsh though so I prepared everything I will need to keep my body warm. Upon arriving at the Kenai Fjords National Park, I saw profuse forests while the mountains capped with ice serves as the backdrop. The unbelievably mesmerizing view is something that you won’t usually see in other states all-year round. The tour guide finally took our group to the main attraction. I was surprised with the gargantuan chunks of ice or glaciers that looked like an after-beaten cream mixture. The arrangement looks as though somebody lined them up together to avoid disarray.

The highlight of my Alaska tour was when the tour guide took us to a boat ride by the glaciers! As if I can’t get enough of glacier viewing, I decided to it to another level where I can closely encounter the ice calve. If I had strawberry syrup with me, I would have poured a portion of it on the glacier just so I can have a massive sweetened snow ball. I can only do so much so I ate a few of my Milk Chocolate Strawberry Cream and shared some to the kids.

Boating by the glaciers was really freezing, especially when we came closer to the giant ice shelves. By the looks of that ice shelf, it is larger than an average American house, so this experience was really memorable and unique. Who would have thought that you can tour around glaciers without the need to go to the Antarctic or Artic region? Alaska is the best way to experience the ice world, and couple it with a box of Milk Chocolate Strawberry Cream to really feel how sweet it is to take an exclusive tour to Alaskan ice shelves.