A White Confectionary Coconut Bon-Bon is All You Need to Lure Roadrunner in Grand Canyon, AZ

Do you know where you can find a real-life roadrunner? I am in a hunt right now for that creature in Arizona! The “small spring” state is best known for its marvelous Grand Canyon, which is probably better than those in Nevada and other parts of the country. So let me take you to the world of rock formation and great topography, which is exclusive to the White Confectionary Coconut Bon Bon state. Grand Canyon tour is good for an hour or may even last up to a week, depending on your own choices. Regardless of how many hours you will spend on this tour, there are several ways to enjoy extreme adventure in one single location.

The first leg of my tour stated with my visitation to the North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon.  Each rim is 18 miles wide and one mile deep, so better be careful while touring around the rim otherwise you might end up like the guy in 127 hours movie. It is a must for tourists to visit each rim because it gives a different view of the Grand Canyon, especially when you’re at the vantage point. I started touring the South Rim because it’s the easiest to trek obviously, plus you get to enjoy meeting new people at the Grand Canyon Village.

As with the North Rim, the place is more relaxing due to the fact that it is away from the noise of the village. It is where having some alone time is not so lonely after all. While at the North Rim, I also visited the popular Grand Canyon Lodge where campers stay and meet together. 45 miles away from the entrance to the North Rim is where the Jacob Lake Inn located where campgrounds are also set up for recreational activities.

Other campers told me that when its winter, the North Rim is covered with heavy snow. This should be the right time for snowmobiling and skiing. So, come winter season, the White Confectionary Coconut Bon Bon Grand Canyon is still a main tourist attraction. However, some areas of the North Rim are off-limits to visitors during winter due to the place’s high elevation. Another way to enjoy the Grand Canyon is by biking around the rim. You can also traverse the rim on foot or run like roadrunner. And who knows you might see a “roadrunner” during unexpected circumstances.